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Ensuring that progress doesn't end with the current generation

It's my belief that what's commonly understood as succession planning focuses on only one aspect of a deeper process called transition planning – an ongoing process that gives the family the knowledge and tools it needs to bridge generational gaps, solve interpersonal issues, and avoid common mistakes. This multi-faceted approach, with the enduring success and happiness of your family as its goal, is nothing less than one of the most important things you and your family will ever do together.

An effective transition plan will protect your family's wealth and bring clarity to the family’s vision and long-term direction. It will provide guidance for the various generations to communicate with each other, ensuring that family members aren't holding false assumptions about the other generations' intentions. Working with all family members helps to create a more satisfying transition to the next stages of their lives.

Many families delay transition decisions because they don't know who can help them find answers to these highly complex and personal issues. Given these fears - and the lack of a strategic blueprint for guidance - many families see their family relationships and wealth shrink with each passing generation.

At Banwart Strategies we are a trusted resource and guide, helping you each step of the way on your journey to a successful transition.

At the core of this process are regular family meetings, where issues are discussed in a non-confrontational setting. I utilize a proven approach, based on our decades of experience facilitating family meetings, which raises difficult personal issues for open and constructive discussions. The resulting honest communication is incredibly eye-opening for families who have spent years – or even decades – with unspoken emotions and intentions.