Banwart Strategies LLC


The future is coming. Is your family ready for its challenges and opportunities?

Trust and integrity are our core values and the foundation for everything we do. Throughout his career, Les Banwart, CEO of Banwart Strategies, has used these essential ingredients to build relationships. As a hands-on consultant, he's helped many families confront and solve their most critical issues.

For more than three decades, families of wealth have trusted Les to provide expert guidance and steadfast support around the complex and unique issues that arise from operating a family-owned business. With a deep knowledge of transition planning, family office operations, and professional management, he is a trusted resource for clients seeking to create a more stable and prosperous future.

Les Banwart, a consultant who's willing to tell clients what they don't want to hear, says:

As a highly specialized consulting firm, I leverage this hands-on experience and focus solely on assisting owners of family offices and family businesses.

How do I do it? By applying careful analysis to provide practical solutions, fresh insights, and bottom-line answers to your most important issues. My approach uses time-tested methods to facilitate open communication among family members, to help clients navigate common pitfalls, separate business issues from family issues, and offer new perspectives.

At Banwart Strategies, we operate under a simple assumption: long-term thinking and strategic planning can relieve family tensions and help your family realize its goals, hopes, and dreams. I understand the unique needs and dynamics of family businesses and realize that no two families are the same. To that end, I offer highly customized services that apply our proven approach to your specific needs and circumstances.