Banwart Strategies LLC


Tirelessly dedicated to the success and happiness of each client

Throughout my career, I've specialized in meeting the specific needs of family offices and family-owned businesses. This work has included strategic consulting with owners and owners' families, dealing with all types of transition issues, and facilitating family meetings. In working with a wide range of clients, I've used this care-based approach to improve communication, ease tensions, dig into difficult issues, separate business matters from family matters, guide productive discussions, and prevent clients from going down the wrong path.

I've helped families deal with highly sensitive topics including interpersonal disagreements, and conflict between in-laws, siblings, and generations. Other areas include tax planning ā€“ which often conflicts with the best interests of future generations ā€“ and problems that arise when the current generations expect unqualified (or unwilling) successors to run the company. Iā€™m a true believer in the idea that outgoing generations need to map out a meaningful post-transition life, and I've helped many owners make a successful and timely transition from their businesses.

Above all, nearly 40 years of experience has given me a deeper sense of understanding family issues. More than simply applying knowledge, this approach is based on the inherent compassion and empathy that comes with understanding the common challenges that confront families of wealth.


In addition to serving as CEO of Banwart Strategies, I currently serve as an executive-in-residence at Aileron, an organization dedicated to helping owners of private enterprise implement professional management. At Aileron, my focus is on helping families in areas of leadership, strategic direction, and transition planning.

Prior to Aileron, I served as president of CYMI, Ltd., a family office located in Dayton, Ohio, which hired me to build the business from the ground up. Under my leadership, CYMI not only focused on investments, accounting, and finance, but also addressed many issues that come with family wealth. Areas such as governance, family education, outside boards, strategic planning, building culture, and healthcare were always at the top of the list. Because of this broad vision of the needs of the family, CYMI is frequently referred to by advisors as a world-class office.

Prior to becoming president of CYMI, I was a partner at Arthur Andersen, where I served clients for 25 years. In this role I focused solely on serving families and their related businesses, gaining experience and understanding of the vital issues that confront family-owned and closely held organizations.